The Candom: Better Safe Than…Warm?

What is this thing called The Candom ?

The CandomThe Candom
This brilliant beverage insulator rolls onto a beverage can like a giant condom. Touted as the only effective, reusable condom on the market today, the Candom makes no promises of safe sex. It is guaranteed, however, that your beverage will remain cool and that you will smile often as it is doing so. When you are finished drinking and smiling, the Candom rolls up and slips back into your pocket all ready for you to transport to the next party.

What special features does the Candom offer?

For one thing, Candoms are versatile because they can be imprinted with a short message. This makes them great fun for local fairs, sex education programs, speaker conference giveaways, spring break (God only knows!), raffles and all different kinds of fund-raisers. Candoms are available for about 5 bucks each (prices may vary) in blue, yellow, green, pink and natural.

Who thought up this Candom idea anyway?

Launched in 1997 by a college student who understood the importance of a good keg party and all of its repercussions, boasts of being the largest online retailer of drinking products. “We sell everything but the booze” is their mantra and they practice what they preach (and drink). They claim that no other American site has combined as many bar supplies, drinking-related novelties, posters, apparel and games. They also swear that no company has a more unique and larger selection of beer bongs, liquor flasks and pint glasses.

Is the Candom for you?

Why not? Unless of course, you don’t believe in safe sips, er…well, you know what I mean.

Happy Candom!
Jul 28, 2008
by Anonymous


cool, however I cant see americans use it at least not at a party.