The Car Show of the Future

Each year at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, three graduation shows are held to showcase some of the different work that the college had a hand in creating. For the summer semester this year, a presentation was created that showed the work of 10 students that were graduating from the Bachelor of Science - Transportation Design program. These are just a few of the designs that made an appearance.

The Mercedes 2025 BliztenBenz, designed by George Yoo, was among the more popular designs at the show. His inspiration came from a scientist that forced trees to grow into certain shapes. From this, Yoo wanted to design a vehicle that would force a carbon structure to grow into certain shapes and replace parts of the vehicle.

Bradley Arnold created the Volkswagen Black to appeal to the American male buyer. The lines are more aggressive and the styling is more bold that most of VW's current lineup. Engine options would be numerous and the aftermarket would be extensive.

Kimberly Wu's Nissan Joy was designed as a result of a personal study between the relationship of a vehicle and the environment it is in. The drawings in the background of the images show how the color of the vehicle changes the feel of the scenery.

The designs also extend beyond the average car. There are motorcycle designs that could change how we look at the "everyday" sport-bike rider and a design for a 4-door Bugatti that looks very feasible.

Each of the designs in the show is unique for their own reasons and they offer a glimpse into the mind of their respective creators. Along with the three designers from above are others who have work showcased in the exhibit and will eventually be working on the next generation of concept cars.

The full lists of designs that are being displayed can be found at the Car Design News website, but a subscription is required.

Hat Tip : Car Design News