The Cardboard Cafe - All Cardboard, All Functional

Cardboard furniture is in now, especially as DIY projects. But seldom do you see cardboard structures as large as the one architect/design group B3 made for the London Design Festival last month. They made a whole Cardboard Cafe!

This special environment for guests at their offices, serving drinks and very special designer cakes, was also a bar for the opening night festivities of the London Design Festival, so B3 got a lot of exposure. There they could also share some of the great photos of their architectural and design work.

Cardboard was definitely the theme for B3. Not only was there cardboard furniture -- the tables, benches, and counters -- but the walls and entrance arches were made of cardboard boxes -- 8000 in all. Even guests were invited to wear cardboard. (None were captured on the photos shown - sorry.)

Here's the scene:

The entrance from the alley...




Here's the bar and the very high, contoured walls that roll like waves. The boxes are painted in bright florescent orange paint, but only on one side, lending variety and further perspective to the walls.




The contours of the walls and bar were spotlit making the design even more interesting. Back-lighting would work well too!





As you can see, it was perfectly suitable to entertain in the Cardboard Cafe. By day, everyone seemed to be comfortable on the cardboard benches...



The Cardboard Cafe looked like a neat place to be in the evening too.



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