The Citroen Hypnos Will Challenge Your Mind

Concept cars are one of the most important aspects of most auto shows. It gives us something to look forward to or sometimes, something to dread. A few days ago at the Paris Auto Show, Citroen unveiled a vehicle that embodies both of those feelings at the same time.

The Hypnos is best described as a sport based luxury SUV with an interior that will amaze almost anyone who sees it. The exterior has long flowing lines and a short roof line that give it a fairly aggressive look. The high wheel arches house a set of 22 inch polished wheels.

Once inside the cabin, the rider is engulfed in a rainbow of colors and comforts that are rarely seen in the vehicle market. Polished aluminum provides contrast from the many different colors that twist from the front of the vehicle to the back to create the seats and center console.

Each seat is comprised of prism shaped pockets that can be inflated and deflated, offering the driver and passengers a massage while you are driving down the road. Each seat also has its own independent controls for air conditioning and heat that are found in the blades of the center console.

The gauge cluster is made up of instruments that are viewed through diamond shaped prisms that are surrounded in metal. A touch screen has also been fitted into the center to display vehicle information. A camera mounted on the roof will be able to record and read the facial expressions of the driver and change the lighting and fragrance emitted from the vents.

Powering the Hypnos is Citroen's new HYmotion4 diesel hybrid powerplant. A 200 horsepower diesel engine is responsible for the front wheels while the electric motor will power the rear axle. The new 6-speed Electronic Gearbox System (EGS) will be used to regulate power and keep the need for diesel power at a minimum.
Under normal driving conditions, the Hypnos will run completely on electric power with the engine kicking in only to recharge the batteries. When some extra power is needed, the boost system will draw torque from the diesel engine and put it to the front wheels. The average fuel economy is estimated to be 63mpg.

Citroen hasn't said much about production yet, but I'm sure with the love-it-or-hate-it response they have been getting they won't wait too long.

Via : NewCarShow