The Egg That Keeps Sleeping Babies Safe

New parents often fret over whether their baby is warm enough overnight. With the new SIDS research showing that overheating is a primary cause of crib death in infants, first time moms and dads are more concerned than ever in regards to how they put their little one to sleep. The grobag® egg™ can help out with the process, alerting you to extreme temperatures in the nursery year round.


Grobag turns blue when the room is too coldGrobag turns blue when the room is too cold

Designed in Australia, the grobag® egg™ is simply a digital room thermometer that keeps your baby safe by changing the color of its display if temperatures reach a potentially uncomfortable or risky level. If your baby’s sleeping space is within the recommended guidelines of 16-20 degrees Celsius, then the egg will glow a vibrant yellow. If the temperature drops below this, the egg will turn blue, and if the room becomes too warm, the egg will glow orange as a warning, and finally red if the room becomes dangerously too warm.

A red color indicates baby is too warmA red color indicates baby is too warm

This concept is so simple and handy for parents, that it has won various awards and accolades for its design. You can purchase a grobag® egg™ via Amazon , or learn more about this innovative room regulator by visiting their official website.
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