The Filterbrella -- Rain Filtering Umbrella

I fully agreed when I read that, "to take a common devise such as an umbrella and turn it into an agent for living a healthier life and protecting the environment is quite a feat."

Andrew Leinonen's Filterbrella is such a feat.

A simple yet powerful concept, the Filterbrella is an extremely innovative and eco friendly umbrella.

The canopy is made of compostable polylactic acid plastic blends, which makes it environment friendly. Adding to the environment friendliness is the innovative activated carbon filter in its hollow rod.

Before you start asking how a filter in an umbrella rod helps, read on.

The hollow rod actually lets in rainwater, which, then gets purified by the activated carbon. This water flows into a bottle that is attached to the Filterbrella's handle.

The FilterbrellaThe FilterbrellaAnd Voila!

You have pure, potable rainwater on the go.

While the Nubrella with its modern design provided more in terms of safety, the Filterbrella is more traditional in design, but hi-tech I concept.

Ingenious, innovative, environment-friendly and fashionable, sensibly fashionable.

Though the Filterbrella is a concept right now, it promises to become an instant hit if and when it goes into commercial production.

We will keep you posted on this one.