The First Multiple Personality End Table: Fletcha

When Brazilian designer Rafael Morgan thought about creating his Fletcha Side Table, he was reacting to the historically static nature of tables. We change our moods and our needs, the world is changing all the time, he thought. Why not have a side (or end) table that we can change when our moods or functional requirements change? The result: an anything but static, bright red, multiple-personalitied end table to function, challenge, or express just what you want.

Fletcha means arrow or arrowhead in Portuguese, and Rafael Morgan has indeed composed his end table with what looks like perfect arrowheads (I count seven) of different geometric angles. The angled surfaces really work in the Fletcha end table, not only to make three different arrangements for the table, but to create functional nooks and crannies for objects of various sizes and shapes, including your small pet if he so pleases.

The German design shop pulpo picked up the Fletcha this year for manufacture and sale. The produced Fletcha side table is about 1.6 square feet and is made of powder coated steel. Each Fletcha end table costs about $440 US.

I like!

via DesignSpotter