The Insecta Takes Green To A Whole New Level

For the past few years, nature has been at the heart of many vehicle designs. Not just eco-friendly either, so many of the naturally occurring colors and smooth simple lines have made their way into the auto industry. A perfect example of this comes from Shao Yung Yeh, a design student who recently completed a project while working with Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert.

The prompt for the design was to create a personal mobility vehicle that focused on a unique design and construction. From this, the Insecta was born. As you can guess from the name, it was designed to look similar to some of the more friendly insects we see patrolling our yards. However, the design is not only for show, it has some well thought out functions that should get the attention of the larger automakers.

The suspension system is modeled to look and, to a certain extent, function like the legs of an insect. It will enable the vehicle to move through a wider range of settings from really low to reduce drag, to really high for some extra ground clearance. Also, an onboard computer will keep track of speed and adjust the ride height to provide maximum efficiency.



Powering the vehicle is a set of 4 powerful electric motors that are mounted on the inside ring of each wheel. Each one can be controlled independently by the computer to keep grip levels as high as possible at all times. Keeping the motors on the outside of the vehicle will allow for more interior space, and also keep the heaviest parts of the vehicle as close to the ground and evenly spaced as possible. The battery pack responsible for feeding the motors will be mounted right behind the driver and be able to slide forward and backward to aid in keeping the center of gravity favorable.

The Insecta is just a concept...for now, but you never know if you will see it on the streets in your hometown or not.

From : Car Body Design