The iWave Cube: Tom Thumb's Microwave (Or At Least It Could Be)

Tom Thumb , that traditional hero of English folklore and his wife and family, would have felt right at home with the current trend of appliances that are slowly but surely growing smaller and smaller every day. Could it be just a matter of time before they become invisible as well? Whether or not that is the next step, (because that's a different topic anyway) there is no question that with many of these newer products a smaller size does not in any way diminish the quality of the product. The iWave Cube, which is now the world's smallest microwave, is an excellent example of this rule of thumb (Sorry, Tom. No offense.)

This incredibly small oven, which measures one cubic foot (about the size of a Kleenex box) and weighs about 12 pounds, made its grand tiny debut just a few months ago in March of 2008, at the Chicago International Home and Hardware Show . The iWave Cube runs on 600 watts but still needs to be plugged in. Its name derives from the fact that it only holds a cubic foot and it is capable of reheating only small portions. It can double as a toaster if you want to heat small slices of bread and you can heat up a cup of coffee as well.

Phil Davis, the brain child behind the iWave Cube, has a compact toaster and refrigerator in mind as new innovations to cross the tiny horizons of the future. For now, the iWave is here and it can be yours at a retail cost of $130. It comes in your choice of black, red or silver.

Consider being the first on your block to own what can only be called "the little microwave that could." (Or was that a train?)

Happy microwave!



M Dee Dubroff
Guest Blogger

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