The Laser Surveillance Defeater by Shomer-Tech

With all of the spy gear available today no one is actually safe from being listened to, recorded and having their secrets invaded and rummaged through. Everything a person needs to breach by force another's confidentiality can be found online or in brick and mortar stores designed to break down all barriers between them and the hidden information that is waiting to be obtained.

Shomer-Tec , a manufacturer of devices used for private detectives, police departments and security agencies, has just released a very small yet handy device. It is not meant for spying but instead it is to avoid being spied on. This little, light weight item is called the Laser Surveillance Defeater .

What It Does

You wouldn't know it to look at this small seemingly simplistic tool but it is highly sophisticated. First, the Laser Surveillance Defeater is a portable device which allows the freedom for it to go wherever you need it the most. It is miniature enough to fit in any purse, pocket, briefcase, etc. without being noticed for added precaution.

Most listening products work because the targeted noise is absorbed through windows. Surveillance equipment commonly contains advanced filters to hone in on particular voices. Magnified, they are presented crystal clear. Not any more. This handy little counter measure can effectively stop anyone from spying on your conversations.

The Laser Surveillance Defeater has a suction cup allowing it to be placed on a window. When voices flow within the room instead of being amplified through the window to be listened in on, the defeater goes to work and jams the frequencies. This distorts the actual conversation taking place within the area that the Laser Surveillance Defeater is being used.

Who Could Use It?

People who work in the government are finding this item particularly useful but they're certainly not the only ones. Corporate offices are taking advantage of this to avoid the theft of ideas, actions and more. Everyday individuals are even buying this anti-surveillance tool to stop third parties from obtaining any information.

Just think about it. Are you going through a lawsuit? Is the other party a nightmare who is just drooling at the chance to dig up some dirt on you? Well, stop worrying! How about a gruesome custody battle? Is your ‘ex' dying to learn secrets about your lifestyle, discussions with your own children or maybe talks with your lawyer over the phone in an effort to not only be prepared but to win in court? What about a divorce dispute? Is your soon to be ex-spouse hiring a band of private detectives to pick you apart one piece at a time?

You see, there are so many reasons to protect yourself. These are things that happen every day to millions of people. There is always a reason to enhance security no matter what your occupation or personal situations.

As I said before, any noises, voices and confidential conversations are captured by windows and are amplified which gives people listening in a clear presentation. So, if keeping your private conversations ‘private' means something to you then perhaps this is an item worth looking into.


Only a few weeks old, the Laser Surveillance Defeater has already become a hot product. At an affordable rate of under $70 this anti-spy tool is selling fast. This inexpensive item can be the only thing that stands in the way of your information flying into the wrong hands. Your life is your life... why should anyone else need to hear what's going on in it? Kudos for the team at Shomer-Tec for coming up with this much needed compact, defense mechanism.

Manda Spring
Guest Blogger

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