Marshmallow Roller Toaster: One Delicious Thrill a Minute!

Roasted marshmallowsRoasted marshmallowsThe brain-child of Gary Fallowes of New Metro Design, the Marshmallow Roller Toaster is the company’s very first culinary product. Originally launched in 2004, the Marshmallow Roller Toaster has been featured on Food TV. The Marshmallow Roller Toaster is an innovative continuous production machine and is a sure-fire conversation starter that is guaranteed to break the ice at any social occasion. What sets the Marshmallow Roller Toaster apart is that it permits the marshmallow-beholder to experience first-hand the sight, aroma and taste of toasted marshmallows and other foods in one sensual experience.

According to Charlie Kidd of the Kidd Marshmallow Company, the Marshmallow Roller Toaster is “the best method of toasting marshmallows since the invention of the camp-fire.” Since he couldn’t have been there when that happened, and not even distant relatives twice and thrice removed of the prehistoric Neanderthals will talk, he perhaps should compare this food innovation to the invention of the marshmallow, but who knows when that happened anyway?

Poor Mr. Kidd lost his factory back in 1988 in what can only be called the “world’s largest marshmallow roast.” It occurred when the Pacific Engineering rocket fuel factory in Henderson, Nevada, exploded and took the adjacent Kidd factory with it! During its heydey, Kidd’s factory was known to draw nearly a half-million marshmallow lovers per year.

Whether you love your marshmallows barely warmed or golden brown, the Marshmallow Roller Toaster can insure that the roasting process occurs perfectly every time.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be a marshmallow! Make up your mind!
Make your new mantra:
So many marshmallows, so little time!

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