The MP3 Isn't Alone Anymore

The MP3 is facing a lot of stiff competition when it comes to what audio format is the best. The MT9 is a great example, as its creators have stated that it has the ability to become the next basic music format. However, one company is showing that domination isn’t everything.

Created by iKlax Media, the iKlax is a multi-track audio format that has been developed over the past three years. Instead of trying to take over the MP3, iKlax Media hopes their format will simply bring the “studio effect” into people’s homes and portable music devices.

Instead of having one guitar sample or piano part on a track, artists are able to offer the different versions to the public. iKlax Media has stated that their goal is to help widen the creation area and develop the relationship between artists and listeners.

Along with their own music site, , the company has also created certain software for their product. Individuals have the tools to create their own iKlax files with the iKlax Creator and play them with the iKlax Player .

To find out more information about the audio format, you can visit the company’s website .

Jul 2, 2008
by Anonymous

I don't like multi-track audio...

It takes the fun out of it. If there's something the artist has hidden in the audio, usually you have to turn the song right up to hear it, but with this you could just turn the track up :/ boring!
I want to collect the different versions of the songs! not have them all in one file.

Jul 5, 2008
by Anonymous

Open Source?

If it is not open source, it's crap.