The Next Chapter In Reader Digital Books from Sony

Reading is a very popular pastime for many and for those who are avid book readers often run into a common problem -- running out of space on the bookshelf. Thanks to the advancement in technology bookshelves may never be needed again.

Sony now offers a digital reader that uses what they consider to be a paper-like E Ink technology . Basically what this means is that it is easier to read even in bright light situations such as when you are outside in the sunlight.

The Sony PRS-700 Reader Digital Book is a book sized literary device that has an interactive touchscreen that allows you to turn pages or activate the bookmark easily by sliding your finger across it. In addition, it has capabilities that don't exist in other reader devices such as the ability to search, annotate and highlight text.

If you have poor sight it won't be an issue as this device allows you to zoom in and out and adjust the text into five different sizes making reading easy on the eyes. In terms of storage, the Reader Digital Book will hold approximately 320 average sized digital books . If you need more storage than that, you can purchase an optional removable memory stick and load it up - it's that easy!

The cost of The Sony PRS-700 Reader Digital Book is $399.99 from Sony, and with purchase includes 100 free e-books Classics titles or $299 on Amazo.

(Update: Amazon has the complete selection of Sony E-readers for a discount here.)

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