The NICE Car at the London Auto Show

The No Internal Combustion Engine (NICE) electric car company, based out of the United Kingdom, has been quietly working on a new sports car for some time now. Now that it's (for the most part) done, they will be showing it off at the London Auto Show.

The (NICE) Electric Car company has most of its experience in the van and scooter realm. The have also put some time into developing some highly efficient hatch-backs. Now, they plan on moving all the way into the car realm, and what better way to open with a fully electric sports car.

NICE has stressed that the design is not a production model, but a look into the future as to where the company is going. So, future production model? The body adopts the traditional 2-seater shape with scissor doors and dual front headlights. It sits fairly low to the ground but still has an aggressive stance.

The design incorporates a lot of newer electronics and carbon fiber cells to help keep the weight to a minimum. Many of the steering and braking components have also been replaced with lighter electronically control components.

As a side note, NICE will be bringing a few other all electric vehicles to the show.

Via : Motor Authority