The Pacifier Hunt Ends With Bink-Tees

Babies and pacifiers go together like butter on a bun. If your baby is no exception, you’ll love a new line of t-shirts perfectly suited for little suckers.

Babies love their binkies. Young children can amuse themselves for hours, -putting them in, spitting them out, crying for you to retrieve it again, - and while baby is fine with this game, chances are you find yourself going crazy from all the time you spend on your day-long pacifier hunt.

Butterfly Bink-TeeButterfly Bink-Tee

One mother finally got fed up and developed Bink-Tees, a line of shirts that allows you to attach the pacifier to baby without using any sharp or uncomfortable clip-on devices.

Moms have proven time and again to be the best of baby product inventors, and Bink-Tees is a great example of this innovation. Using Velcro fasteners, Bink-Tees securely hold your little one’s favorite comfort without having to worry about plastic or wooden clips that can easily get lost along with the binkie itself.

A Bink-Tee Baby is a Happy BabyA Bink-Tee Baby is a Happy Baby

The shirts come in six designs – peace sign, soccer ball, friendly crap, smiley face, pink butterfly and ladybug – not compromising baby’s fashion sense.

Crab Bink-TeeCrab Bink-Tee

 Bink-Tees are available through .