The Perfect Desk for Your Favorite Gearhead

After the couch made to look like the interior of a 1957 Corvette, I didn't think it could get much better. However, a designer named Dale Mathis changed my mind when he brought out the Desk Machine, which could very well be the most interesting thing to ever setup a computer on. Granted, this doesn't have much to do with the automotive realm, but I just couldn't pass this up when I saw it. (I was also a sucker for the watch that had the visible gears and a drive belt.)

The desk features dozens of gears of different sizes that all sync together. The effect is such that the entire desk is "running" under its own power. The framework of the desk is wood with oversized rivets and bolts added to complete the look. Also, the legs are designed to mimic the look of swing-arms found on almost every motor on the road. The keyboard tray is also integrated into the gearing system.

Click Here for a Video of the Desk in Action

While it may be amazing and fun to watch, the $21,000 price tag ensures that only those who really really love gears or who have way too much money will ever see one up close. If you still want one, I'm sure there are blueprints somewhere online so you could build your own.

From : Luxury Launches