This Prayer Booth Helps You Pray Anywhere

Prayer BoothPrayer Booth

Orthodox, on-the-go Christians rejoice, you (and pretty much only you, as most other religions pray in a different position) finally have an invention all your own. In this sinful modern society, it's about time someone makes it easier to pray for salvation no matter what your busy schedule looks like. Artist Dylan Mortimer, maker of the Prayer Booth, feels your pain.

Booth InstructionsBooth Instructions

The fold-down knee pads are just the thing for those of you who need a lot of forgiveness on the spot. And, similar to a pay phone, the case around you allows for privacy in your words and identity. Face it, if you just drop to your knees and start praying, you'll look like a loon, but do it in a box and you're just a hardcore believer.


Of course, don't go too deep in prayer, or someone may just take advantage of your piety -say a pick-pocketer or purse snatcher. This is especially true considering the artist's installation only exists in New York right now.

Images courtesy of Peter Cherches.

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Oct 31, 2008
by Toby
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You never know, these might inspire anyone to pray!

Oct 31, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Jill, what a good find!

 Jill, what a good find! Love the style you've used to write this article as well. 

Beth Hodgson
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Nov 6, 2008
by Jill Harness
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Thank you ladies

I appriciate the comments and, especially the compliments.