The Recycled Recumbent Is Starting A Craze

Sure most people would rather ride a fancy high-tech BMX bike, but the recycled recumbent might be a great alternative that’s cheap and stylish.

Source: Recycled Recumbent

Believe it or not, there’s actually a website dedicated to making long wheel base recumbent bikes out of old parts. Run by an individual named A.D. Carson, is aimed to get people involved in a project that’s easy and enjoyable. Not a lot of people can get use to the ordinary bike saddle, which could be a problem if they just want to ride. That’s where the Recycled Recumbent steps in.  

Even though the project does take some time, it doesn’t seem to cost a lot. Inventors can pretty much find donor bikes at rummages and auctions and can start building right away. However, in order to start the project, individuals have to have access to certain equipment to held build the bike.

Source: Recycled Recumbent

The Recycled Recumbent is a unique design despite the fact it might not attract the younger crowd. Being able to laze back and enjoy a nice bike ride in style is a perfect activity for a hot summer or cool autumn day. The project is also one that could be never-ending, as you can always add on cool features to your bike in the future!

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