The Robot That Could Teach You A Few Dance Moves

Manufacturers located on the other side of the globe have been known for their incredible inventions, but not one of them can be groovier than this.

Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, has teamed up with Japanese distributor SEGA Toys to introduce a new robot named A.M.P. Standing for Automated Music Personality, A.M.P. is a mobile robot that’s about to change the way an individual listens to music.

By simply plugging in any MP3 player, users can watch A.M.P. show off some of his best dance moves as well as deliver a high-quality stereo sound. Standing at 29 inches tall, the robot features a sleek black and yellow modern exterior. It has five different modes (dance, track, drive, park and follow), over 62 sound effects, 49 LED light animations and numerous dance moves.

The robot’s unique balancing technology enables it to dance and roll while being balanced on two wheels. It also has a unique feature that’s perfect for anyone who wants to try being a DJ. A.M.P. has the ability to turn into a virtual mixing deck; its distinctive touch pads can layer different sound effects and scratches over your music.

The following are some of the technical specifications for the unique sound system:

- 12-watt stereo sound.

- Bass boost touch sensor.

- 2 tweeters and mid-range speaker.

- 2 obstacle-detection sensors.

- Infrared tracking system.

- 14 touch sensors.

The Automated Music Personality does take stereo sound systems to the next level, but will people enjoy it? As another one of Hasbro’s creations, A.M.P. might just be the ideal music companion for pre-teenagers with hefty allowances than adults.

The unique sound system will be available in October for an approximate retail price of USD$500. To find out more information about this product, you can visit its website .