The Running Shoe That's Also Your Personal Trainer

Tracking your exercise habits can now be easier with a new invention that doesn’t come in a box of Kellog’s Special K cereal.

Source: Airun

Airun has recently released a unique fitness product called Airun +. Despite looking like an ordinary running shoe, the invention was designed to give individuals an increase of intensity in their footwear. The Airun + gives runners an opportunity to gain more of a workout on an everyday basis.

One of the main features of the product is the controller. As the core of the shoe, the controller has two modes: INFO and EXER. The INFO mode is where a user inputs important information like: weight, height, age and gender. By using the EXER mode, the user can then discover certain statistics related to their current fitness condition and performance. Such statistics include your: BMI, amount of calories you should burn each day, how many calories you have burned during an exercise and what distance you have travelled while running.

Another feature the special footwear has is interchangeable weighted insoles. Instead of wearing ankle weights, the weighted insoles challenge the body without putting excess pressure on your joints. Individuals can start off with the simple lightweight insole and as their performance progresses, they can move on to the heavy weight insole. Airun has stated that this unique feature will help you increase the exercise value of normal activities by 3 times. So instead of increasing your workout to raise your performance, you can adjust the shoe itself.

Source: Airun

Like other fitness devices, the Airun + is basically a specially-designed shoe that can help calculate your performance and progression. It’s very interesting that a company has actually integrated such dynamic technology into a running shoe. Most manufacturers focus on material and how comfortable a shoe is, but Airun did things differently by actually including advanced technologies in their product.

But hopefully they will come out with more colours for the Airun +. Black and yellow are pretty simple and it would be interesting to see if they can incorporate new designs. Either way, the new technology in the Airun + shoe is bound to kick your exercise routine up a notch.