The Personal Gadget's Gadget: The Sanctuary

Here layeth the stuff you brought home tonight, an array of gadgets and personal carry-withs like wallet and keys. Do you lay them all on the kitchen counter? Or on your night stand? Or do you scatter them throughout your home?

Your gadgets need a nesting place, just like you; a place to recharge their batteries for the next day's work; a cozy place to be together so that you can find them in the morning. BlueLounge has just the place: it's called The Sanctuary.

Here it is; it doesn't look like much yet, but I will tell you now that it's available in black with a white lining or white with a black lining and it's a compact 9" by 9."

Appearances can be deceiving.. Look what BlueLounge, designers of the cool Cableyoyo and Cool Feet, have hidden beneath the surface of the liner....



See all those cable wires? The Sanctuary has 12 built in connectors that are compatible with more than 1500 devices. Plus, it has a USB port for those that are not compatible. In short, you can plug any personal device -- telephone, bluetooth, PDA's, MP3's, IPhones, portable games... wait until you see the compatibility list!

Just pull out the connectors you need from inside The Sanctuary cover, plug in your gadgets, and then put them to bed so that they can get recharged while you do, overnight. Oh, yes! Just one cord needs to be plugged into your wall or surge protector and that's the A/C adaptor.


Good night!

It's never too early to start thinking about Holiday Gifts for a gadget lover, and The Sanctuary is a sure bet this year! You can find it at BlueLounge or at Amazon.

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