The Slimbus : Maximum Capacity using Minimal Space

Buses play a huge role in helping to reduce the number of cars in cities. They do however have some drawbacks. They are large and sometimes expensive to operate and due road configuration they can only be a certain length before special modifications need to be made. A new design called the Slimbus may solve many of these issues.

The main idea is obviously the extreme decrease in width. Being only 1.2 meters wide and broken into sections, it can easily maneuver the turns and traffic of most larger cities. Just to give you something to compare to, the Smart Fortwo is 1.5 meters wide which is roughly a difference of 12 inches.

A quick look at the image and you will see there is no seating available. These buses are designed to move people short distances in more of a ferry fashion which leaves no need for dozens of seats. Even being so thin, by removing the seats, up to 50 people can fit onto a single SlimBus. If needed, seats can be added, but the capacity is reduced to 24-30.

Power will go to all 5 wheels, 2 at either end and 1 in the center. The 5 small electric motors will all be controlled by a single computer and fed to both ends of the bus. The wheels at either end are connected to a wishbone suspension system that will use hydraulics to lean the SlimBus into corners.

The design can also be easily expanded depending on the needs of the operators. More "cars" can be added for increased capacity or they can be removed to make turning and maneuvering easier. Each "car" contains 3 individual bays. Bays can hold 4 or 5 people depending on size and age. You can also mix and match offering a choice of standing for quick trips or sitting for slightly longer rides or just to give your legs a rest.

Abhishek Biswas, a student of transportation design at Domus Academy, Milan, designed this vehicle keeping in mind the urban context he grew up in (indian metropolises).

As with similar designs, this is still in the beginning stages of creation and no real plans have been finalized.

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Jun 28, 2008
by Anonymous


short distances like some blocks or such this is a good idea though for longer I like the old buses.