The Spy Camera That Looks Like A Golf Ball

Snooping around just got easier as BrickHouse Security recently revealed a camera that’s tiny in size, but big in surveillance.

The security electronics company has introduced the Micro Orb , a professional spy camera and recorder. The Micro Orb is a miniature surveillance video and audio recording camera that’s concealed in a small sphere the size of a golf ball.

The unique camera works with the push of a button and can record up to six hours of video. If footage is recorded onto the MicroSD card, users can simply plug the camera into a computer’s USB port and transfer the video/audio.

There’s also the option of connecting the Micro Orb to the television where individuals can access the menu options and watch their video. One disadvantage of the minute camera is that even though it can record up to six hours of footage, its battery only lasts three hours.

Aside from actually spying on people or being used as a car security device, the Micro Orb can also be used from a sports perspective. The camera can be attached to a helmet or any other sports gear and can record footage while you’re hiking, skydiving, biking or taking part in any other sport.

Despite the fact that it probably takes nothing at all to lose the camera in a pile of clothes, the Micro Orb is an interesting device. Being able to keep an eye on things at home or having the opportunity to record what you see when participating in sports makes the camera a unique invention.

For more information on the Micro Orb, you can visit its website where you can also a video based on the product.