The Thriving Office: Busy Office Sounds to Disguise Work at Home

The Thriving Office audio CD transforms your home environment by incorporating typical corporate sounds that are often found in a busy, successful business hub. Don't want your clients to know you work from home? Then this is a great product to check out, as well as an innovative business idea.

The idea is that when telecommuters pick up the phone to speak with their clients, instead of hearing babies crying, the dishwasher churning, or the Ellen Degeneres show on TV in the background, their clients are subjected to phones ringing, vigorous typing noises and even the voices of co-workers. The Thriving Office audio makes it so that entrepreneurs and small business owners working from home sound like they're knee deep in the corporate grind.

I can't deny that it's a great business idea, as I am sure there are many entrepreneurs out there want their clients to think that their company is in demand, with lots of strenuous corporate activity being completed by a slew of staff members. Meanwhile, in demand and successful as they may be, the office might consist of the lone founder slaving away with their laptop on the Lazyboy; dog at their feet and baby napping an arm's length away.

While I wholeheartedly endorse the product, I can't help but wonder where the perception that a noisy office is indicative of success came from in the first place. Isn't there a reason that management and corporate executives are typically tucked away in one of the few fully enclosed office spaces that come with a door to cut out the noise? With that in mind, wouldn't your clients think of you as more important, and therefore highly successful if your voice carried over the phone from a silent surrounding? Apparently not. In any case, it's a public misconception that has resulted in the resounding success of The Thriving Office and has drawn endorsements from many of the major business news outlets.

With the business I'm in, telecommuting is practically a requirement, so I've got nothing to hide. But, in many industries the sounds of success might really help get you ahead and establish your credibility. One Thriving Office client even stated that it helped his productivity.

The Thriving Offices is an As Seen on TV product with a reasonable price tag at $5.95 for the MP3 download, or $12.95 for the CD version . You get two 39 minute tracks to transform your home into a "busy" or "very busy" office environment. Or, at least create the sounds to trick your business associates. You'll just have to come up with a quick solution if ever they decide to stop by to that mailing address of yours. 

Well entrepreneurs, it's time to consider how you can make your small business contribution to the budding industry of telecommuting. What will it be?

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Nov 11, 2008
by Anonymous

With this CD you will look

With this CD you will look like an Intern in an open space lol

Nov 11, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

 That's exactly why I was

 That's exactly why I was wondering why people think noise=success! Thank you for your comment.

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer