The Top 10 Best Sports Logos

Some sports teams have had logos that have lasted for what seems like an eternity; whether for more than half a century full of glory or a few struggling decades. But no matter what criticisms or financial issues a team has faced, the logo still stands on strong.

The following are 10 great logos that have solidified teams and major league sports.


Best Sports Logo #10. Falling Into History

Since their team’s roster is being built from the ground up, Toronto Maple Leafs fans can rejoice as their logo is actually one of the best out there. Once known as the Arenas and the St. Patrick’s, Toronto’s hockey team became known as the Maple Leafs after they were bought by a group of individuals 1927. Since then, the organization has gone through different variations of the logo, but has kept the original blue and white colours and leaf design.


Best Sports Logo #9. Unpacking Dominance

Despite the fact that the Green Bay Packers have used many other logos, the “G” logo was the only one to ever appear on the team’s helmet. The oval design was created by the team’s equipment manager George Braisher in 1961. Since then, its had a lasting impression on sports, influencing the University of Georgia and Grambling State University to create similar logos.


Best Sports Logo #8. All You Need Is One

The New York Mets logo may look simple, but there’s more than meets the eye. Created by sports cartoonist Ray Gatto, the only logo the organization has ever seen was first used in 1962. A unique fact is that each part of the skyline in the design has a special meaning. The featured buildings in the logo include a church spire (symbolic of Brooklyn), the Williamsburg Savings Bank, the Woolworth Building, the Empire State Building and the United Nations Building. The bridge symbolizes that the Mets represent the five boroughs of New York.


Best Sports Logo #7. Nothing Fishy About This Design

Except for a few changes over the years, the Miami Dolphins ’ logo has remained the same. The design consists of a dolphin wearing a helmet with the sun shining behind it. Dolphins are often considered gentle animals but as history has proved, the team is nothing but competitive.


Best Sports Logo #6. An Old Logo With Championship History

As the oldest current logo in the NBA, it has given the Chicago Bulls a reputation like none other. When most people think of the Bulls, they think of all the championships Michael Jordan and his supporting cast have won. With an intimidating look and gold reputation, it would be surprising if the team ever changed their logo.


Best Sports Logo #5. A Design That's Physical

Even though they adopted the popular wishbone “C”, the Chicago Bear’s logo is one that’s easily recognizable. Whether on a jersey, hat or helmet, the design marks the physical defence the team has always had. It also represents the unique group of Bears fans out there.


Best Sports Logo #4. A Piece Of Nostalgia That's Canadian

One of sports’ oldest and most recognizable logos, the “C” and “H” of the Montreal Canadiens was first used together in 1917. As a common misconception, the “H” does not stand for Habs, instead it means Hockey, as in “Club de Hockey Canadien”. According to, the first individual to refer to the team as the “Habs” was Tex Rickard, owner of Madison SquareGarden, in 1924. The owner supposedly told a reporter that the “H” on the team’s sweater stood for “Habitants”.


Best Sports Logo #3. Being Different Isn't So Bad

It might have to do with their logo, but the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team that doesn’t use home uniforms that are primarily white (instead, they’re yellow). Before moving to Los Angeles, the Lakers were based in Minneapolis. There, the team colours were blue, light blue and white. But after moving to the famous city, the team switched its colours to purple and gold in the late 1960s.


Best Sports Logo #2. The Reign Of A Sophisticated Team

As classy as George Steinbrenner’s team rules (players weren’t allowed to grow long hair or have facial hair below the lip), theNew York Yankees logo is one of the most popular ones around. Despite using the “NY” version on hats and other gear, the primary team logo has been around since 1936.


Best Sports Logo #1. A Simple Design That Established A Team

Despite its prestige logo, the Detroit Red Wings were known as under other names, such as the Cougars and the Falcons. But in 1932, a millionaire named Jim Morris bought the team and decided to name it after another organization. Norris decided that the “winged logo” was perfect for Detroit as they are the Motor City.

The organization the turned around as the Detroit Red Wings made the playoffs for the first time a few years later and won the Stanley Cup in 1936.

Sources: Chris Creamer's Sports Logos

Which one do you think is the best sports logo? Are there any other sport logos you know of that should have been mentioned?

If you're interested in looking at other sports logos major league teams have seen over the years, then you might want to head over to Chris Creamer's website. If you are interested in buying some interesting sports logowear, SportsFanfare seems to have an extensive collection.

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Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous


How is the Celtics' fat leprachaun twirling a basketball while smoking a pipe not on this?

Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous

Wow....I agree. How in the

Wow....I agree. How in the heck can you NOT have the Steelers logo??

Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous


I would have to go with the Chicago Blackhawks logo as the best. Although, what really makes the hawks logo look so great is when it is on the home RED uniform. That shade of red is unique to the hawks

Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous


What about the Boston Bruins logo. It is a classic!!!

Jul 16, 2008
by Anonymous


maybe not boring.....but old-fashioned are what makes the logos the best.

My top 10:

10. Toronto Maple Leafs

9. New York Yankees

8. Milwaukee Brewers (old glove logo)

7. Boston Celtics

6. Montreal Canadiens

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

4. Detroit Tigers

3. Hartford Whalers

2. Detroit Red Wings

1. Chicago Blackhawks

Jul 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Best Logos

4. Florida State spear on the helmet

3. Arkansas Razorback on the helmet

2. Dallas Cowboys star

1. Ferrari Prancing Horse

Sep 18, 2008
by Anonymous

um wow

that may be the dumbest way i've ever heard of how someone picked a team to root for

Sep 22, 2008
by Anonymous


24 Stanley Cups in a 100 years of existence...

I just can't believe the Montreal Canadiens logo is not the number one hockey logo in your list.

And perhaps the Dallas Cowboys Star should have been there... Instead maybe of the Chicago Bulls which to me is there because of Michael Jordan nothing else...

Nov 3, 2008
by Anonymous

My Top 10

1. Chicago Blackhawks

2. Milwaukee Brewers (old glove logo)

3. New York Mets

4. Detroit Tigers

5. Chicago Bears

6. Washington Redskins

7. Kansas Jayhawks

8. Los Angeles Dodgers

9. Chicago White Sox (Old logo with SOX spelled out and batter on top)

10. New York Rangers

Dec 22, 2008
by Anonymous


Warriors "The City" logo.