The Top 10 Popular Balls In Sports: Part One

If an individual was to create a top 10 list of the best sports in the world it wouldn’t be 100 per cent fair, unless they researched every single sport across the globe. So to make matters a little bit easier, why not produce a list that names a popular piece of equipment?

Naming the top ball in sports takes a lot of thinking. Sure you could name off each piece of equipment by how popular the sport is, but you also have to consider other factors. For instance, a tennis ball is primarily used for the racquet sport, but in some countries it replaces a baseball and even a hockey puck.

So grab onto your hats and get your comments ready, as the following list highlights the top 10 balls in sports.

Honourable Mention: The Nerf Ball

Created for safe indoor play, the Nerf Ball has found its place in the hearts of kids everywhere. Branching off from the toys they usually make, the company started creating Nerf Balls for sports like football and basketball. With neon colours and foam-like material, the balls were a hit among kids of all ages once summer came around.

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Popular Ball #10. The Volleyball

Well renowned as an Olympic Spor, volleyball has attracted the attention of numerous nations across the world. Through time, the sport has constantly developed techniques to help improve the game and the skill of players. Its popularity has also created different variations of the game such as the Olympic spin-off known as beach volleyball. 

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Popular Ball #9. The Cricket Ball

More solid and a bit more dangerous than a baseball, the cricket ball is made from a core of cork, layered with tightly wound string and covered by a leather case. A lot of individuals would argue that the ball shouldn't even be on this list, but just because it's not well-known in North America doesn't mean its not popular. The sport is played all around the world, preferably in Europe, Asia, Australia and most countries in the Caribbean.

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Popular Ball #8. The Ping Pong Ball

Aside from being used in the famous Olympic sport, the ping pong ball has also been used in a variety of different ways. Some people around the world use the piece of equipment as a substitute for a golf ball in their homes and college students in North America have made them part of drinking games.  

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Popular Ball #7. The Golf Ball

It may be small in size, but the golf ball has probably changed the most over the years than any of the other pieces of equipment on this list. They started off as a wooden ball before the 17th century and are now balls made of titanium compounds and hybrid materials. The advancements in its technology has not only made the ball look sleeker and more stylish, but its helped improve the game of today's dominant golfers.

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Popular Ball #6. The Football

Part of a true American sport, the football is made of leather and has become a vital page in the nation's history of sports. Commonly known as the "pigskin", it has given aspiring athletes dreams in college and has produced over thousands of professional athletes. The ball also has an international side as there are variations for Australian football and Rugby.

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Popular Ball #5. The Basketball

Used in numerous professional sports leagues around the world and even on urban and rural playgrounds, the basketball is constantly becoming popular. More countries are starting to enter international competitions and are even creating organizations and leagues of their own. Some of the newer countries include Qatar, Senegal and Venezuela. 

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Popular Ball #4. The Rubber Ball

It may not be part of any popular professional leagues, but the rubber ball has made its mark in a variety of different sports. The ball can be lethal in a game of dodgeball and it can make or break a recreational athlete in kickball. But aside from the well-known games its used in, the rubber ball has also become a playground legend of sorts. Elementary school kids often find themselves using the ball for different activities.

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Popular Ball #3. The Tennis Ball

Designed for the sport of tennis, the ball made with a felt-rubber covered compound is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and is often fluorescent yellow. Aside from tennis, the ball has also found its way into many other sports. Often used a substitute, a tennis ball can be found in pickup games of road hockey, cricket and baseball.  

Source: Digital Headbutt


Popular Ball #2. The Baseball

A North American pastime, the sport of baseball has such a large fanbase, that fans are extremely emotional at every single game each season. The ball itself has also given players, aspiring athletes and kids a sense of hope to make it to the major leagues someday.

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Popular Ball #1. The Soccer Ball

Without a doubt the soccer ball is definitely the most popular ball in sports. Aside from being used in a sport known by two names, people from almost every country find themselves kicking around the soccer ball. The piece of equipment has defined a sport and created worldwide events which bring people together no matter what colour their skin is or of what race they are.

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