The Traveling Notebook Barbecue Grill: Great For Camping!

And here you have it! Among hot finds this Memorial Day weekend, the Brits have beat the U.S. again in barbecue originality. This time it's the simple, but ingenious, notebook barbecue grill, one that would be terrific for camping or picnics.

Ready to go when you are, the Notebook Portable Flat-Folding Barbecue is no bigger than a laptop computer at 11" x 18", and just a little heavier than a mid-weight laptop at almost nine pounds. Look at how easy it is to use....



No more searching for the grates or the can of starter. The grates are inside the notebook and no starter is needed, as the V-shaped bottom makes the coals catch on faster (smarter charcoal).

Just open the Notebook, remove the top grate, fill the v-shaped bottom with charcoal, light it, and you're on your way to a barbecue that can look like this!




Cool, huh? Next in line, The Notebook Camping Coffee Pot, The Notebook Camping Tent, the Notebook Camping Toilet, and the Notebook Camper Trailer.



International shipping may only take 7 to 10 days to arrive in the U.S., so order the Notebook Portable Flat-Folding Barbecue from the Gadget Shop for about $40 US.

via CNet  

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