The Ultimate Baby Relaxer

Babies enjoy their own personal masseuse (aka mom) with the Baby Massage Snuggie.

New parents love to cuddle and coddle their smallest family members, but babies rarely have enjoyed such therapeutic benefits as what comes with a full body massage. Does massaging a baby seem odd? It may, until you see the Baby Massage Snuggie, designed by a mother for mothers. Babies Love to be Pampered TooBabies Love to be Pampered Too

The Touch of Love ™ snuggle uses natural healing techniques of acupressure to soothe baby before bedtime, or any other time of day. The longsleeved lycra body suit is decorated with colorful pressure point markers, making massaging your baby easy and problem free.

An Adraoble Gift for a Back to Basics MomAn Adraoble Gift for a Back to Basics Mom

A daily pressure point massage can remedy many common infant ailments, while also helping with overall well being. The outfit even comes with an instruction book that will teach you basic massage techniques perfect for use on the most important person in your life.