The Washing Machine That Uses Hardly Any Water

Companies are constantly trying to outdo each other in the world of laundry, but one new invention just might eliminate the competition.

Source: Shiny Shiny

Instead of using water alone, the Xeros washing machine uses a new formula: plastic chips, friction and solvent. Confused? Don’t be; the machine is simple to understand and use.

Basically an individual starts a normal load of laundry and a cartridge in the back of the machine drops in the plastic chips to mix with a cup of water and detergent. The water dissolves the stains and dirt, which is then absorbed by the chips. Once the load is near the end of the cycle, a grill at the bottom of the washing machine opens up, collects the plastic and leaves you clothes that are almost dry.

Since tests have already shown that the machine can get rid of all kinds of stains, the product is sure to be a success once it hits the UK market in 2009. The only concern about the innovation is whether or not the plastic chips themselves are environment-friendly. But seeing so many companies are trying to please the environmentalists these days, the plastic chips are probably going to be safe in some sort of way.

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Aug 12, 2008
by Anonymous

Not enough water may ruin clothes

We had a high efficiency washer that used little water. But water acts as a lubricant, and because of this lack of water the clothes rubbed each other more and wore them out very fast. Lots of piling [spl?]. Maybe they figured it out