The Who's Who Of Grilling With Grill Charms™

One rare, no bacon, lots of pepper. One medium well, bacon, lemon and garlic, hold the salt. A medium, bacon, chile... By now I'm going crazy. I can prepare the steaks, but how will I tell them apart on the grill?

Another frustrated chef found the solution for me and other grill-lovers... Grill Charms ™!


Grill Charms are threaded stainless steel tacks branded with a variety of markings that indicate how each guest likes his food. Steak eaters might desire R (rare), MR (medium rare), M (medium), or MW (medium well). Chicken eaters can choose between mild, spicy, and extra spicy. And allergic, sensitive, or just plain picky eaters can be assured to have their food identified by a variety of fun insignias, like a sailboat, dollar sign, and crown.

The Grill Charms are each about the size of a dime and are sold alone or in groups of six. There's the Steak Collection, the Spicy Collection, and the Charmed Life Collection. Each set sells for $19.95; individual Grill Charms are $4.00 each.


About the inventor...

It took about 60 seconds to turn Leslie Haywood from a new role as stay-at-home mom into an inventor and entrepreneur, back in the business world again. A really spicy piece of grilled chicken ended up on her plate instead of her husband's and, as she reeled from her first mouthful of super hot chicken, she resolved to find a solution to whose was who's (or whom's). The solution came to her quickly and she was at the drawing board that same night sketching out her Grill Charms.

Less than two years after that evening in April 2006, despite being diagnosed and surgically treated for breast cancer and having two reconstructive breast surgeries in the interim, Ms. Haywood sits at the helm of a thriving business, Charmed Life Products, LLC, determined to make sure that when it comes to food, "everyone gets what they want."

We'll look forward to the upcoming sets of Grill Charms: The Sports Collection and The Pink Collection (a portion of the proceeds to be donated to breast cancer research). 

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May 27, 2008
by Anonymous

I like this woman

This is my kind of inventor. This is exactly the type of thing I love. Totally simple ideas that are new and useful. She hit every nail with this one. I love it, love it, love it. And incidentally she's a very nice person too. Wish her much success. Mad jealous.

P.S. On Youtube the so-called experts said the name was bad. They are dumb in my opinion. If you think the name fro this product is bad you should not be in business as far as I'm concerned. Great product, great name, great execution!