The World's First Ever Underwater Pogo Stick

Remember that pogo stick your parents gave you for Christmas when you were a kid? Remember how hard it was to stay on and not fall off the darn thing?

Well you and thousands of others may now be able to live their childhood dream of being able to bounce more than a couple of times in a row by taking a ride on the world's first ever underwater pogo stick.

The "Sub Jumpa" which retails for $59.95 was designed to be used in inground swimming pools whereby you can bounce effortlessly on the pool flooring and sidewalls. The pogo stick is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and has two rubber handles providing the user with a firm grip. Measuring 36 inches in height, it also has a nonslip footrest so performing aquatics stunts is a little safer.

Although this aquatic toy has some safety features, it may be prudent for parents to supervise the use of it when their kids are playing with it.

With summer still upon us, this aquatic fun filled wonder could be the perfect recreational toy for the family. Watch the Sub Jumpa in action here and decide for yourself.


Oct 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Not the first

Wild Planet Toys marketed a under water pogo starting from the year 2000 and it sold very well especially in Australia!