Is China the King of Weird Dining Options?

In actuality, Asia is looming full of American chain restaurants – but why would anyone patronize them when there are so many disturbingly creative options available throughout the continent?

For example, check out the hospital-themed restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei is known for its eclectic achievements such as the tallest building in the world and naked green tea spas, however they have reached a new high (hit a new low?) with D.S. Music.

Up to 10 diners can enjoy a meal around a hospital bed while all waitresses are dressed like promiscuous nurses and wheelchair and crutches décor grace the walls. The bathrooms are themed as an emergency room and you can even have a “hospital drip” as a beverage, thanks to a vat suspended from the ceiling.

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If the medical field never caught your interest, try the Chinese restaurant known simply as The Jail. Guests are handcuffed by an “inmate” staff member and led to a private jail cell complete with a door that slides shut. This is actually one of two prison themed restaurants (The Jail is in Taiwan, a second known as Zen Cool is in Beijing), and these allegedly were designed to give average citizens a taste of jail life in an attempt to scare them out of committing real crimes. So while you are munching on that potsticker, feel free to contemplate the consequences of that armed robbery you may be planning!

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Still left to visit in Taipei is The Marton. All diners sit on toilet seats and are surrounded by urinal decorations and even toilet shaped serving platters. So if you drink too much during an evening spent here, don’t worry – it’s easy enough to just turn around and solve the issue with your “seat.”

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source: flickrsource: flickrMany agree that these restaurants were designed in poor taste and are disdainful to the Taiwanese culture and reputation. However on the other hand, The Marton recently reported they have added a second restaurant to keep up with customer demand.

Go figure.

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Sep 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Jail Restaurant

I've actually been to one of the Jail themed restaurants... it's definitely interesting.

Taiwan isn't really part of China, though. It's not officially acknowledged by most countries for fear of pissing off China, but Taiwan has its own government that isn't under Chinese control. =)