Is There An Industry For Professional Pranksters Looking To Stir The Pot?

After watching a re-run episode of Punk'd, a show that made headlines years back for the practical jokes that it played upon well-known celebrities, I wondered if out of the land of TV, regular people have the option to pay for pranks and pull the wool over their friends' eyes. Are there professional prank playing businesses that will arrange elaborate pranks as seen on TV when there are no cameras rolling, I thought? Keep on reading, to find out if there are business opportunities in prank playing, and in paying for pranks.

While I can honestly say that I came across no business online advertising professional prank services, I did come across a downloadable e-book from someone who claimed to have "Professional Prank Organizer" listed on his resume, and dollar signs in his bank account as a result of his practical joke business endeavors. Based on this, I'm lead to believe that there is an industry of Professional Pranksters that just haven't embraced contemporary marketing strategies by getting their names out there online.

So, if you're a casual prankster who would like to make a business from it, now is your opportunity to capture the market!  Start with adequate advertising so people know that you're the go to guy or gal for prank calling, elaborate prank writing and initiation, and practical joke coordination. You can even act as a professional prank consultant and help people learn how to pull off their own elaborate pranks that will bring their friends to tears and fist throwing (as seen on Punk'd when popular celebrities were duped).

If it's just casual pranking you're into, and don't feel like being an entrepreneur in the prank business; there are lots of websites out there with tips and tricks to get you well on your way to pulling the wool over the eyes of those you love. Some online services even offer funny voices for automatic prank calling.

Ready to be the next Ashton Kutcher? Find your own Demi Moore to put on your arm, and start pissing people off...err, getting the pranks rolling!