There's Gold In That There Sugar Cube!

Have you ever thought the statement "Now I've seen it all!" is a very transient thing? It seems that every time you turn a corner someone has come up with something even stranger, weirder, or more . . . well . . . crazy. Case in point: Gold Sugar. Not sugar that is made to look like gold for confectionery purposes, but regular sugar, in a cube, covered with edible gold leaf.

Gold SugarGold Sugar

Yes, indeed, if you've got the bucks to spare, you can order sugar cubes of 24-karat gold. They can go in your coffee, tea, or a special cocktail. You'll feel like a million bucks and be acting like it too. If you are what you eat (and drink) then you will be gold. Sweet!

This is a real product and it comes out of Switzerland. I guess they got tired of only being known for cheese, chocolate, and bank accounts and decided to step up their game with a bit of crazy. Sweet crazy. Shiny crazy. Expensive crazy. Did I mention crazy?

Gold SugarGold Sugar

Naturally, these sugar cubes meet all international regulations for food safety. The gold is edible, flavorless, and non-toxic. The cubes are coated with gold leaf with a special patented process. They come packaged as a set of just three cubes in an elegant black and gold gift box that can also be used as a great way to display this unusual treasure.

You can use them in a variety of ways -- though trying to use them as jewelry may cause them to melt all over you. Actually I think they would make an awesome gift for a couple's golden anniversary.  While I would probably pass on giving them to a toddler for turning three, it would be a cool way to honor someone turning thirty.

Gold SugarGold Sugar

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