There's A Robot Film Festival This Saturday - Here Are The Details, first thing's first, I have a video to share with everyone.

3rd Annual Robot Film Festival from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.


Alright, so maybe this isn't our regular fare, but...c'mon. Robots. Movies. Robots starring in movies. You can't honestly say that doesn't sound pretty awesome.  

I guess I should probably explain myself. There's a film festival this weekend, and it involves Robots! If you find yourself in the San Francisco area on July 19th, I'd highly recommend swinging by and having a look at it - you won't be disappointed.

The event is (rather aptly) known as the Robot Film Festival, and it's actually the fourth year it's been hosted, It'll be held in the studios of Bot & Dolly, a robotic cinematography company best known for doing the special effects in the movie Gravity. It's also a company that was recently acquired by Google - meaning it's got a fair bit of prestige behind it (and a great deal of power backing it). People will be carting their own robots along to the event, and throughout the festival, Bot & Dolly will be taking several opportunities to demonstrate their own massive robotic arms. 

Not only that, there'll be a company there known as Dirty Robot Brew Work to serve up special robot beer. As near as I can tell, it's the same as regular beer...except brewed by robots. That', I guess? 

Attendees can expect plenty of fascinating, brilliant, and downright cool robot-themed films to debut at the festival, with plenty of creativity on display from the many independent filmmakers that are sure to be in attendance. Those of you who are interested in going can pick up your tickets here. If I lived nearby, I wouldn't miss this for the world.