There’s Something Very Big About SMAL (Sharing Multiple Acts of Love) On Tsū

There's a movement afoot in the Land of Tsu, the ecosystem many describe as the social network with a conscience. Only on the planet for one short year, this platform has not only scaled over 4 million users, but has also laid a solid foundation for motivating members to give to charities and other humanitarian efforts.

From helping tsunami victims in South East Asia, to supplying water in not only third world countries, but also throughout the U.S., to raising money for a first-time Red Nose Day event on this side of the pond — SMAL is another generous initiative put in place to create awareness through small acts of kindness — which is then repeated by many, to support the whole.

It’s a SMAL World after all . . .

SMAL (Sharing Multiple Acts of Love) is sort of like paying-it-forward on steroids. It’s the brainchild of Jerry R. Williams. Self-described as “Collector and Sharer of Ideas” or CSI, he is the founder of an e-Commerce clothing line called I am VC (Viral Change).

Using attire as his backdrop, Williams draws the analogy that while our choice of clothesJerry R. WilliamsJerry R. Williams defines our distinctions and differences, it also can band us together as a collective force. And while that might sound kind of contradictory, Williams explains it as such: “ Most people wear stuff to either stand out or fit in a certain way. Now what if YOU could be genuinely YOU in style, but represent a "Team" of caring and understanding community.”

That's the common denominator

“We see people meet and get excited over their favorites sports team jerseys because there is a point of shared they could be different in every other way but they share this and the differences don't matter. Imagine a brand who's team motto was "I don't need others to think like me - I just want to inspire others to be more caring and understanding,” adds Williams.

The JediFamily & SMAL Day

C. Bret CampbellC. Bret CampbellThis month, C. Bret Campbell will be partnering with Williams to help promote #SMALDAY which will debut on November 18 for the first time. Also an active member of the Tsu network, Campbell — who self-describes himself as an ‘Indie Music Curmudgeon’ — suggested the idea to Williams as a means to create greater awareness for the SMAL concept.

Campbell — whose Tsu handle is JediBret — with the able assist of his friends and followers which he affectionately calls ‘the JediFamily’ will be encouraging all 4 million+ users on the Tsu network to join them in performing random acts of kindness up through and culminating on November 18, SMAL Day.

This massive outpouring of goodwill and love is not restricted to any one type of action, but instead multiple variations on the theme of SMAL. For instance, this could come in the form of donating to one of Tsu’s 56 charities that include FilmAid International, Hope4Homeless, Music for Autism, PawPromise Rescue, Lighthouse Foundation, Show Hope, Tuesday’s Children, Aids Outreach, Habitat for Humanity and a host of others.

Or it could just be a simple engagement of one's time like donating at a food pantry, helping seniors cross the street, or just taking time to thank your fellow man for being a kind soul.

By creating an exponential number of Tsu posts focused on the SMAL philosophy, both Williams and Campbell feel that they can create a viral change for folks to become more humane in their own humanity, as well as influencing the humanity of others.

Important to note, that while this is not a challenge or a contest, the SMAL movement will hopefully motivate and encourage engagement in similar ways.

Here’s some suggested acts of SMAL expressed by Campbell and Williams:
  • Buy someone an online coffee, beer, lunch certificate.
  • Send a message of love to someone.
  • P.M. someone about why you appreciated them.
  • Make a Charity Donation and message the Charity that you would like them to thank another person, e.g. one may give to the Wild Life Foundation, but ask them to thank another for the donation.
  • Send someone a TSU peer-to-peer money transfer (a penney, nickel, dime, etc. - see microdonations below)
  • Send free art, music, coupons, gift cards to others.
  • Give a public shout-out to someone with a nice statement about how great that person is.
  • Sign up a couple new TSU users under a Friend, instead of yourself.

Microdonations for SMAL

Sebastian SobczakSebastian SobczakIn a previous post, I discussed the concept of microdonations, or the opportunity to give small amounts to charity. With Tsu, there is now a seamless way for those with less means to donate to humanitarian causes. Founder Sebastian Sobczak was keenly aware how important it is for man to give to others, but previously had a barrier-to-entry because they might only have a few cents in their pocket.

Similar to how one might drop some change in a homeless person’s outstretched hand in a impoverished area of town, Tsu allows for peer-to-peer transfers between members and members and members and charities. Since all users are awarded daily royalties derived off of the network's advertising revenues, the amount one gives to a charity could start as low as one cent, and go as high as their entire bank total.

While in the past, one would have never thought to write a check or process a credit card payment for these small amounts, microdonations have become perfectly acceptable and rewarding for the giver.

So giving microdonations for SMAL is a perfect fit and another example as to how one can participate in events and postings leading up to SMAL Day.

So, readers, feel free to join the SMAL movement and show your support for fellow man.

It’s Big-ness is predicated on no small thing going unnoticed. And it could mean the world to so many.