Urinal Fly Target Creates a Buzz in Your Bathroom

“Waiter, there's a fly in my... urinal?” Indeed there is, if the owner of said receptacle installed a Thermal Urinal Fly within. These unique and unusual target decals “aim to make the world's restrooms cleaner and safer – one urinal at a time,” according to the ad copy at White Rabbit Express.

Why would anyone add a fly to a urinal, real or not? Well, if we investigate their aim a bit deeper we find that “aim” is precisely their point. OK, not theirs, but yours... I mean, the pointing and the aiming part. Must I spell it out? *sigh* Installing a Thermal Urinal Fly encourages urinal users to aim their, er, “pointer” at the loathsome winged beastie and in doing so, drown both of your sorrows.

The better your aim, the more heat is transferred to the decal which, by virtue of its thermal sensitivity, results in the fly's image fading into the decal's pale greenish background.

A cold flush or the passage of time (preferably the former) will see the fly's image reappear. As an added bonus, your genial host will hopefully spend less time on bathroom maintenance and therefore will consider his or her investment on a pack of two Thermal Urinal Fly target decals anything BUT pissing away 10 bucks. 

Of course, no situation is perfect. Guests and patrons might enjoy blasting bugs to such a degree that they'll refuel more often... and as we all know, consuming more “fuel” can affect one's aim in crucial situations. So by all means, let 'er fly... just don't throw away your bucket & mop.