ThermalTake “Cyclone Edition” Mouse Cools Your Hand While You Game

ThermalTake, a company known for computer cooling products, has been enjoying some success with what it calls the Black Element, a mouse catered specifically for gamers. Offering a laser sensor capable of up to 6500 DPI, removable weights, onboard memory for customized macros, extra keys, and five switchable LED colours among others, the Black Element is quite a feature-packed rodent.



But ThermalTake has apparently decided that all of this just wasn't enough, and so they have put out the Black Element Cyclone Edition, a re-release of the same mouse with a unique new feature – a tiny, clip-on fan intended to cool off your undoubtedly sweaty hand while in the midst of an intense deathmatch.



The fan may be only a 30mm model, but it spins at an impressive 6000RPM and apparently works pretty well, if we can trust ThermalTake's marketing. The only downside to this is, perhaps, the inevitable extra noise – the fan is rated to produce 21.7dbs, but tiny fans tend to make an awful lot of tonal (read: high-pitched) noise rather than a less-intrusive woosh of air. While not gaming, though, owners of this mouse can simply remove the fan entirely. How handy.



While ThermalTake has not put out a pricetag for its Black Element Cyclone Edition yet, I doubt it will be much more expensive than the vanilla model, which goes for around $65 online. (Via Gigazine)

UPDATE: The Black Element Cyclone Edition is now available here on Amazon and at other retailers.

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Jul 20, 2012
by Anonymous

Does Thermaltake or other PC companies accept inventions?

I have a couple of inventions for the PC, especially for CPU cooling, but have no idea how to find a manufacturer for the PC market.

Has anyone ever licensed an idea in this market? If so, could you please tell me how?


Jul 20, 2012
by Anonymous

If it's really cool, get crowdfunded and do it

If it's really cool, get crowdfunded or angel capital if not enough savings ;), and do it, and market the product!

The big players in the IT/CE industry, mainly Asian, are complicated to approach (no need to talk to a designer, why should he push YOUR solution to his top management, he would prove them, he wasn't able to innovate, but an external crazy guy could!)

Additionally, no one would negotiate over license without seeing it, if you didn't patent the idea in all main markets you take the big risks, if your idea is worth the investment, to see after some months some copycats ;)

If you get the funding, my European-managed and owned company but in Taiwan can help you to get the product done. Mail me over LI or FB if interested.

Bruno Koegler,
Founder/Owner Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd.,
Xizhe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Design, manufacturing and branding of e. g. high end tablet and All in One LCD PC TV (15"~26")