Thermo Tent: Always The Right Temperature

Thermo Tent: Properly Insulated TentThermo Tent: Properly Insulated Tent

What if you could have a tent that will keep you warm at night, instead of bundled in your sleeping bag, shivering? How about one that stays cool on a hot summer day by your favorite body of water? If you have the Thermo Tent, you'll have one that maintains a pleasant temperature, no matter the conditions.

As a camper, I've been that person who under packed, only to get surprised by snow at the end of March (in Virginia, so this is uncommon). I've also been that person who wakes up drenched in her tent, after a mid-August slumber. 

The Thermo Tent promises to end the camper's tent temperature struggles. With its innovative insulation technology and multi-layer design, Thermo Tent keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also provides an acoustic barrier, so that if you're camping with your night owl friends, you can sleep, while they chat and clamor around. 

Inside Thermo TentInside Thermo Tent

Thermo Tent provides the camper with fully insulated sleeping quarters. You won't experience this level of comfort in traditional tents, because traditional tents don't employ any sort of insulation technology. 

Pat Falvey, who has been to the highest (and coldest) peaks on the seven continents, was brought onto the Thermo Tent team as an adviser, and with his help, the latest model of the Thermo Tent was born. Thermo Tent has two insulated sleeping areas and a living area with windows, so that the camper can get some sunlight while enjoying the comforts of their shelter.

Three Person TentThree Person Tent

Each Thermo Tent is made with the highest quality fabrics and detailed workmanship, and these tents exceed industry standards. It comes with flysheets, a ground sheet and reflective pegs and guy lines, which make set-up at night a lot easier.

As of now, you won't find Thermo Tent in any sporting goods shop. The makers of Thermo Tent are running a Kickstarter campaign to get their product off the ground. There are 5 prototypes of the Thermo Tent. The Thermo Tent team hopes to come out with a pentagonal design that would allow campers to attach "sleeping tents" at each of the five sides.

Even though, you can't pick up a Thermo Tent at your local sporting goods store, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information. You can also back the project to reserve your own tent, and end sweaty or freezing camping nights.