These Companies Are Getting Their Own Piece Of The Revenue Pie…With Pizza!

Pizza; a favorite meal embraced by so many people around the world. With a growing industry of its own, companies in the pizza service industry have learned how to put unique twists on their preparation and delivery methods to stand out from the rest!












Pink Flamingo Pizza has two locations based in Paris, France and already has a unique business model through its offering of out of the ordinary pizza toppings. In an attempt to take it one step further, and play into the city's romantic theme, the restaurant has adopted an interesting delivery method. Patrons can order their pizzas at the closest location, starting at 10.50 Euro and have them brought directly to their favorite picnic spots, like the banks of the Seine. In order to allow the delivery person to identify their customer in the crowd, the restaurant sends them off with pink helium balloons.









Wonder Pizza understands the appeal of food convenience, and has taken pizza to the ultimate level with its vending machines. The Italian company is currently expanding its operations to reach markets in the US, Canada and Mexico, so that North Americans can also have freshly cooked pizzas wherever they are, day or night. Each machine offers consumers three pizza choices and the ability to control the desired crispiness of their crust. For about $5 and a 90-second wait time, those stumbling out of bars after last-call can curb their looming hangovers without waiting in line or finding a 24-hour food joint.












To see exactly how this innovative machine works, watch the instructional video here; it's the only way to grasp just how impressive it really is. Like a typical vending machine, the pizzas are pre-prepared and stored. Once selected, the 9" pie is transferred to a high powered toaster-style oven for 90-seconds of cooking time and once ready, is transferred to the pickup slot for the purchaser's eating enjoyment.

Pizza cones are a new trend in the pizza industry. They contain the typical taste and ingredients of pizza, but are prepared in a different form; with pizza dough forming the cone shape to contain the fillings (otherwise known as toppings on a classic, round pizza). Konopizza is an Italian organization emerging on the fast food market, increasing the pizza cones' popularity through event publicity with the goal of opening retail outlets internationally.

Crispy Cones is a similar concept which has recently launched its pilot store in Los Angeles, although its menu doesn't strictly offer pizza style cones, it does admit that the dough used is very similar to pizza, regardless of what's in the center. Crispy Cones is looking for investors to help expand its empire both within North America and internationally. It hopes to see many brand franchises open in the upcoming years and have its name plastered across grocery store shelves and coolers.












Carpe Diem Finest Finger Food in Germany is also profiting from the cone trend, but is using a higher end restaurant model. Like its more casual competitors, the business understands the convenience of appetizer like foods that can be snacked on without requiring cutlery or dinnerware, making it an environmentally friendly food market. Carpe Diem's cones come in sets of four, and they recommend that diners choose three savory varieties to pair with one that's sweet. Again, the finger food menu doesn't stop at pizza, it offers fine dining favorites like "beef tartar with potato puree and rocket salad in a potato cone" or "yellow fin tuna in an avocado salad with ginger in a pumpkin cone". Since the names are a mouthful, I can only hope that the food is good enough to swallow.


Big Green Truck Pizza takes an old-fashioned perspective to the catering of modern parties. The staff will roll up in a restored, antique International Harvester. The sides of the truck are then removed for guest pizza preparation, which once completed are cooked in the wood-burning stove that the truck is equipped with. A nice feature of their pizza, is that everything is made from scratch with fresh ingredients on thin crust, so it really feels like you're taking a step back in time.










While the pizza industry has come a long way with its insulated bags, having dinner showing up at your door cold is getting pretty old. Super Fast Pizza in Wisconsin has found a solution, using fully equipped kitchen vans to prepare meals while on route to the final delivery destination, so the pizza is still piping hot upon arrival.
















With new and innovative companies popping up to capitalize on the business of pizza, is there anymore room for further development? No matter what your view, there's always room for pizza, so go grab a snack.

Via: Springwise