These Guys Have Cojones - Orbotix Unleashes Robotic Balls

Every now and then you see someone with plenty of balls.

This is one such time.

Boulder (yes, Boulder) based Orbotix is a startup that is about to unleash the world's first robotic balls on the world. So be warned - they are building up a stockpile of these things.

Robotic balls? That's right: wireless Bluetooth, mobile app driven, three-inch diameter, RGB LED lit, induction charged, CSM controlled, omni-directional, open development API robotic balls with Boost Mode. Or, more simply, balls you can drive with your smartphone.

But, being a robot, the Sphero (as they've named it) does have a little more functionality than your everyday remote-controlled, er, ball. Apart from the gaming possibilities (think golf, sumo, social gaming, etc.), Orbotix also note that it "can be used as an ambient data device to alert you of weather changes, stock market news, and more." With open development API, the possibilities are limited only to the imagination of the app developer community - and the physical characteristics of a ball.

Still, you could definitely have a lot of fun with it.

If you want one, you can reserve yours now because, as they say, these balls are "Coming Late 2011." No, seriously, they do say that.

Here's a sneak preview: