These Thumb Tacks Are All Thumbs!

Sometimes there is nothing more fun that taking things literally. It is the stuff from which puns are made. These divine little thumb tacks are very "punny" all by themselves. They aren't the standard little round dots"Thumb" Tacks"Thumb" Tacks of your grandparent's time. Nor are they the plastic push pins that make you think that you will one day need thumb surgery. They are actually "thumbs."

Well, they may be four fingers and one thumb since they come in a set of five, but they all look like thumbs to me. Perhaps that's because when it comes to tacking things up I am all thumbs. Not only can you use them to post your rules of thumb, you can also tack one to your sign for hitching a ride.

"Thumb" Tacks"Thumb" TacksThese thumbs can also be a great way to post things in your cubicle to give your coworkers a laugh -- like all your coupons to KFC (because they are "finger-lickin' good). You could hand one to someone to "give them the finger."

They are all white, but you can get creative and give them a colorful manicure. 

The concept is along the same line of thinking as when Kramer on "Seinfeld" wanted to make a coffee table book with little folding legs so that you could actually use it as a coffee table. I wonder what they would come up with for a "head case."

Let's give this one a thumbs up!

Source: Handy Thumbs, Sweet Station, Hi Consumption

"Thumb" Tacks"Thumb" Tacks