TheSelfie Makes Taking Your Own Picture A Snap

In the world of apps like SnapChat and Instagram, the selfie reigns supreme. To prove that point, did you know that "selfie" was the word of the year in 2013 according to the Oxford Dictionaries? For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past five years, selfie is a term used to describe the action taken when taking a picture of one's self. #TheSelfie (Hashtag included in the product name) is a shutter controlling device to make taking selfies easier.

 Is it a camera shutter or a bomb detonator?Is it a camera shutter or a bomb detonator?

Gabba Goods produced #TheSelfie to help individuals and groups appeal to their vanity without needing to awkwardly try to press the screen while posing and smiling at the same time. #TheSelfie is extremely easy to use. It is the definition of "plug and play." There are no manuals to read, no hardware or software to install, and only has one button. Simply plug it in, grab the remote, and take selfies to your heart's content. Available in a multitude of colors, #TheSelfie really is the easiest way to take your own picture without the need of a tripod and remote shutter system.

#TheSelfie is able to integrate seamlessly with not only the iPhone camera, but can be used with social sites, as well. Load up Instagram, plug in your remote shutter release, and snap away. The simple gadget, which looks very similar to a remote bomb detonator from every cheesy action movie ever, has only one button on the top and is used to control the shutter on your phone.

#TheSelfie is not a necessary piece of equipment, people have been mastering the art of selfies for years, it's just now getting it's own term. Is it going to be the go-to device for professional photographers? Obviously not, it's for Apple products. But does #TheSelfie make taking your own picture a snap? Yes, it does. Available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, #TheSelfie starts at $19.99.



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