They Turned an Old Church Into a New Home

via www.allaboutyou.comvia www.allaboutyou.comTake a look at this amazing renovated home in Kyloe, Northumberland. It is a church! Well... it was a church. Now it is a home to an eco-friendly couple.

The couple that purchased and renovated the home went so far as to keep the original stained glass windows throughout the entire house. The stained glass windows will definitely provide a lot of light in this spacious home, but wont it feel a little more like living in a monastery than a home. Even some of the old church furnishings have been used throughout the home.

My immature self wonders how a couple living in home, once a church, lives their lives. Do they live in fear of ever sinning (is sex allowed) and always being watched or do they feel endlessly protected? What about the graveyard? Is it peaceful and quiet or creepy?

The couple purchased the church for £92,000 (about $143,615)and then spent £300,000 in renovations. The home is now worth about £650,000 (about $1,014,674). For more information visit


Via swipelife and allaboutyou.

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