Thick Aluminum iPhone Case Is Waterproof To 300ft

Calling Captain Nemo! Thanko's thick aluminum iPhone case keeps your iPhone 5 or 5s high, dry and waterproof at depths of up to 300 feet. Y'know, just in case your spouse tells you to pick up some fresh seafood on the way home.

Weighing over a pound (620 grams), the “100m Aluminum Case for iPhone5” threatens to affect divers' buoyancy – good thing you can call for help if needed, amiright? Erm, anyone check to see how good service is 300 feet beneath the sea? Never mind, the main point of this case is to (a) protect your smartphone from the perils of the deep and (b) ensure it can function in camera mode.

The latter is accomplished via a simple yet ingenious system of actuator buttons that hover over the camera app users are instructed to move to the lower center area of the homescreen. Oh, and don't forget to turn off your iPhone's autolock feature – something that's best done BEFORE you descend into the realm of Poseidon.

Thanko has designed the 100m Aluminum Case for iPhone5 to look good on the continental shelf or a bedroom bookshelf. Choose from natural silver or an appealing bronzed hue that brings to mind the aged and tarnished brass of an antique deep sea diver's helmet... aye, that'd be yer best choice, matey.

Thanko has thoughtfully provided some multi-environment-compatible accoutrements because hey – not everyone gets to channel Captain Nemo fighting off a giant squid twice or thrice a week. The case features a tripod mount, a shoe for an external flash, a neat adjustable yellow carrying strap aaaand... that's about it. Looks like ¥29,800 (about $298.00) gets you good looks, great protection and little else.

Order your very own IPX-8 rated 100m Aluminum Case for iPhone5 direct from Thanko's product page. iPhone 5 or 5s not included. (via Akihabara News)