Thief Proof Your Dog With The Safespot Locking Leash And Collar


Dog theft has been on the rise for the last several years in the U.S, with an estimated 2 million dogs being stolen in 2012.  But a company with the slogan, "You lock your bike, why not your beagle?" is promoting its new Safespot Locking Leash and Collar, so maybe there won't be more dog thefts than bike thefts!


Safespot Locking Leash & CollarSafespot Locking Leash & Collar


Keeping your dog locked up at home in response to fear not only reduces 'together time' with your dog, but it limits your dog's experiences, exercise, and exposure to new stimuli.  You know your dogs love to sniff out new environments!

The Safespot Locking Leash and Collar should go far to ease your mind when taking your dog around town with you.  Stopping for a coffee, dropping off at the cleaner, picking up a few items for dinner... These activities can be included in your together time with the security of knowing your dog will be where you left her outside these stores.

Like most secure bike locks, the Safespot Locking Leash and Collar is steel cable reinforced.  Its collar, once adjusted for size, snaps into place and cannot slide of your dog's head.  Both the collar and the handle of the leash have a key, which you can use or not, depending on whether you are leaving your dog unattended. The leash handle can be secured to any immobile object.

Here is a demonstration!


Suburban and country dwellers can appreciate and enjoy the benefits of the Safespot Locking Leash and Collar, but it's a must for city dogs!  Enjoy your outings!

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