Modular Cat Furniture Made Friendly

Stairway To Cat HeavenStairway To Cat Heaven
If I were a cat, I would have a refrigerator full of paté and caviar, a cartoon-only video monitor, and a steady stream of innocent dogs to tease when I get bored. My playground would be "The Stairway to Cat Heaven" or "The Cat Castle" or "The Super Cat Hotel" so I could have plenty of cat parties. Hmm...

But, as mother-of-the-cat, I examine everything me-the-cat wants with a flea comb. There is caviar and caviar. And there is cat furniture and cat furniture. You see, I've learned the expensive way, that cat furniture may look the same, but not really be the same, especially when it comes to modular cat furniture.

Here's the buzz: Most cat furniture suppliers use the term modular to mean "We send you the parts; you put it together."

The problem with cat furniture is that some parts deteriorate faster than others. Scratching surfaces wear, penthouses lop to one side, and carpeted surfaces flatten and collect a lot of cat hair. What can you do? Replacement parts are seldom available; you have to purchase a whole new unit.The Cat CastleThe Cat Castle

But,, maker of Stairway to Cat Heaven and other modular cat furniture, has an expanded version of modular that's very friendly: "We send you the parts, you put it together; and any one of these parts is replaceable should they become worn, torn, or scratched mercilessly by your cat."

(Actually, the CatsPlay copy reads "There is no need to replace the entire kitty playground if only parts are damaged.")

Yes, of course you have to pay for replacement parts. That's not the issue. It's paying for the whole kit'n'kaboodle when you only need one or two parts: that's the issue!

But long before the parts are ready to be replaced, you can take them off to fluff them, brush them, or throw them in the washing machine., so your kitty can always have a clean playground.

The Cat ClubhouseThe Cat ClubhouseCatsPlay has an assortment of designs to choose from, ranging in price from $55 (The Kitty Club House ) to $445 (The Cat Castle). I found these prices compared favorably to other cat furniture; additionally, shipping prices are very reasonable.

If none of the CatsPlay arrangements tickle your whiskers, you can design your own and obtain a quote from CatsPlay online. CatsPlay also makes its own very unique non-modular cat furniture.

Note: The red areas in the above photos have been shaded red by to make the contours of the funtiture stand out. Actual pieces match the grays and browns in the rest of the photo, as in The Kitty Club House.

That's the buzz for today.

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger

Aug 10, 2007
by Anonymous Kitty (not verified)

I Have Yet To See Cat Furniture

that is sturdy enough. I'm not sure about these, but cat furniture tends to be too wobbly and easily upset. The bases need to be more secure or the entire units need to be heavier and/or wider to keep them erect.

But, perhaps more importantly, my cats do not seem very (if at all) interested in "cat furniture". They definitely prefer "people" furniture--but maybe this is because cat furniture is too wobbly! I have even discovered that cats can be turned off by the smell of the cat furniture (e.g., carpets).

Jan 27, 2008
by Dan01 (not verified)

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Aug 26, 2008
by Anonymous

this looks great.

Well. I guess after reading that post we can safetly say all cats are different. ive got one that just loves its cat furniture. this looks pretty sweet. ive moved house a few times, would like to be able to create my own different designs when my living space changes. right now its a 5 foot high huge wooden thing with laders that can really only go in one spot. and with this i can buy a couple now... a couple later.. a few for xmas... i'll be emailing this link to all the cat people i know ;-)