ThinkGeek’s Nerd Detecting Radar T-Shirts

Leave it to ThinkGeek to come up with a shirt that helps the nerdy find their soul mate. ThinkGeek's fashions may never hit the runway and they are a little risky even on the street, but they sure are fun and this one is really amusing for those will to take a different kind of fashion risk.

ThinkGeek Radar T-ShirtThinkGeek Radar T-Shirt

ThinkGeek's new Nerd Sensing t-shirt isn't so magical that it can differentiate those who prefer to watch Sex in the City versus those who spend their evenings playing Dungeons and Dragons, but it can find others wearing the same shirt to help connect geeky soul mates! The t-shirts sense when another one is nearby and can work to connect lovers or to create a warning by radar when enemies are on territory.

Nerd Detector T-ShirtNerd Detector T-Shirt

Obviously these shirts aren't so cool unless you buy them in pairs or know someone who already has one, though the design itself is rather geek-chic anyways.