Thinking About Driving? Careful! - Driving With Your Mind

If you're prone to a wandering mind, this is one idea you'd best steer clear of.

In fact, today's great idea is probably an accident waiting to happen.

But it's still pretty cool.

Here it is: you can drive a car with your mind! Researches from Germany's Freie Universität Berlin's AutoNOMOS project have utilized San Francisco company Emotiv's EPOC EEG sensor to free-drive around an airstrip:

But, like they say on the video, don't try this at home. When you add in the myriad distractions of other traffic, passengers, back-seat drivers, people on the sidewalk, billboards, traffic signs, traffic lights, and road rage, you'll no doubt put the program into a tailspin, and will be saying hello to your airbag before you know it.