THINX Are The Best Panties For That Time Of The Month. Period.

THINX PantiesTHINX Panties

Every woman has experienced the dreaded period leak at least once in their life. Odds are, you've ruined more than one skirt or pair of jeans just because of biology. Sometimes tampons leak, pads shift, or your time of the month decided to arrive early. Darn you Mother Nature! Antonia Dunbar, Miki Argawal and Radha Argawal were sharing underwear mishap stories when they realized they needed cute panties that didn't cause constant worrying or stains and leaks. Full coverage underwear looks great if you're the kind of woman who plays cribbage at the nursing home. Fancy panties make every behind look amazing, but they offer little support for pads and they aren't very absorbent for leaks. That's why three friends invented THINX, adorable underwear that prevents period mishaps.


THINX panties have got your covered. The inner most layer wicks away moisture so you feel dry all week (or for a few days if you're one of those lucky woman.) Plus, there's a layer that is stain-resistant, so these drawers are ruined because you sat wrong. There's also a super-absorbent layer, which can hold two to six teaspoons of liquid, depending on the style. Finally, the last layer, despite being thin, is leak-proof. No more stained jeans!


No matter your flow, there's a pair of THINX for you.  THINX comes in a few different styles, all of which are gorgeous. Some are perfect for heavy days and some are built for lighter days. Your booty can look stellar even if your insides feel like they are clawing their way out of your body. 


I know what you're thinking....this is as good as it gets for period panties! Oh, these women didn't stop there. These women are social advocates, as well.  When visiting Africa, Miki met a teenager names Amahle who missed a week of school every month because she couldn't afford the necessary feminine supplies. Upon learning that girls across Africa miss school because of their periods, Antonia, Mika and Radha paired up with Afripads. When you buy one pair of THINX, a girl receives 7 washable pads, which can last her a whole year. No more missing school. No more falling behind. Check out the whole story in their IndieGoGo video.


I can't think of any reason not to give THINX a try. They've gotten rave reviews, they look adorable, and they help girls stay in school. What's not to love? These might be the best panties every invented. Period. 


Grab a pair before your next period, and enjoy a worry-free work.  Get yours here.


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